Titans Building Blocks is our first educational build series. There are ten parts included. The objective of the series is to take a student from the most basic part and progress the student over a period of time to a finished part. The focus of this series is to teach many of the standard techniques required in CNC machining in a step-by-step manner, which will allow the student to become an expert through repetition. The student will draw, program and setup each part, which have all been split into three sections. The student will start with Part 1 and use three tools to complete a basic shape. In this case, a basic rectangle. Once the student has gone through the entire process of creating and machining this finished shape, their next project will be Part 2, a similar rectangle but now we have added chamfered corners. Part 3 takes us to a new shape, a circle. Then we have a triangle, a star, and other shapes as you progress through the ten parts. During each part, the same three tools will be used in different ways. Once the tenth shape is machined, we go back to Part 1, use three new tools to put threads or additional features in each of the ten parts as seen on sheet two. Once this is complete, we go to the third sheet where the difficulty rises while still using just a few tools. As the parts progress, the complexity advances. All parts in this series can be machined from 1” X 2” REC BAR (6061-T6)