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TITAN Aerospace Connections

Aerospace Connections' is a "Level 3 Series" for both the lathe and the mill. The material in the five-part series is called out at a standard 316 / 316L stainless per AMS - 5653 or 5648. These types of fittings and connections are widely utilized in the aerospace industry. The material commonly used is 316L stainless but can often be made from titanium & inconel depending on applications & environments. Each of the parts in this series represents an actual part that is currently being machined and assembled for private flight vehicles. The tolerances are tight, and the machined surface call outs need to be perfect. Students will also gain knowledge of the AS5202 & AS4395 specifications. A machinist who can design, program and machine all parts in this series efficiently, has a good chance of getting hired in the current aerospace industry.