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Titan Gilroy

With his expertise in running an elite aerospace cnc shop, TITAN offers practical tools and inspiration to students, educators, shop owners, and business leaders around the world.

Truly American Built
Growing up in a broken home filled with violence, alcoholism and rage, TITAN soon found his identity in fighting. Multiple accounts of assault landed him in a 16-year prison sentence. With the help of Top Rank Boxing, he was released early and began fighting for his second chance, becoming recognized as one of the greatest up and comers in the sport. Unable to escape his demons, TITAN was pulled back into violence. Not wanting to land back into prison, he walked away from professional boxing and found himself in a CNC machine shop where his life would change forever…
Committed to American Manufacturing
TITAN Gilroy is now the owner of TITAN America MFG, an elite aerospace CNC Machine shop in Northern California. He is also the Executive Producer and Star of the television series, TITANS of CNC (formerly TITAN–American Built). The series, and this Academy, are a platform to engage a new generation of machinists, inventors and builders.

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