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5 AXIS STATUS is a "Level 4 Series" that focuses on 5 Axis CNC Machining. The material called out is 6061-T6 Aluminum, and seven of eight parts can be cut from a standard 3.0 Diameter Rod. (But of course, we had to jack up the size of the TITAN-110M...BOOM!) 5 Axis Machining has fast become the norm for top shops and is an essential element in the overall push/strategy to drop manufacturing costs. Because of the advances in CAD/CAM and CNC, parts that used to have 6-16 different operations can now be produced in just 2 operations. This series will help you build upon the foundations of axis movement as you move on to more complicated parts. We are currently filming and editing tutorials that will teach you how to program and machine these 5 Axis Parts. You can also download the fully-dimensioned prints and solid models for your reference. A CNC Machinist who can efficiently program and machine the parts in this series should have little trouble in securing employment at most any top CNC Shop.

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