Milling Titanium with the Kennametal HARVI Ultra 8X

King Of Titanium CNC Machining. Introducing The Harvi Ultra 8X Helical Mill. No other cutter on the planet machines Titanium Better. Asked a good friend of mine, Mark Francis over at Kennametal to give me some of his expert feedback on the Harvi 8X. Here is what he listed: * Insert Coating. * Insert Substrate. * Position of the cutting edges on the tool holder. (this includes the material of the body, heat treatment, coolant, flute shape, insert edge preparation) * Reduced or lack of harmonics of the cutter during machining operation * Shape of the chips * Metal removal rate second to none (higher feed/tooth, Higher Speed and higher cutter capacity) * 8 cutting edges per insert * Maximized number of corner radius choices * Platform proposed with different options (diameters, dedicated front insert corner radius) * We have repeatedly cut cycle times in half and doubled tool life. * Cutters will pull less cutting load per cubic inch of material removed. This is beneficial to all aspects of the machining sequence. * 2-inch diameter tools are effective when used with smaller equipment and spindle connection sizes, providing the means to bring productivity enhancements that could not previously be realized.

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